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Episodes 27-28

Do We Need Fixing?

Sex & The Single Mom

Episodes 24-26

All The Colors Of The Rainbow

Middle-Aged & Single

When Fast & Furious Is A Bad Thing

Episodes 21-23

Let’s Talk About Orgasms

Porn: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Surprising Facts About Orgasm

Episodes 18-20

The Future of Sex

The Erection That Won’t Go Away

Sex and Shame: A Vicious Cycle

Episodes 15-17

Career & Infidelity: A Pilot Speaks

Sex and Rejuvenation: Making Lives Better

Polyamory: Is Three a Crowd?

Episodes 12-14

Sex and Religion

Female Sexual Dysfunction: What’s a Girl to Do?

More Money, More Problems

Episodes 9-11

Use It or Lose It

The Happy Vagina: How To Get Your Groove Back

Mr. Big: Let’s Talk Penis Enlargement

Episodes 6-8

Swinging Into More Sex

Sex Sent Them To The ER

Plug The Leak: How to Treat Urinary Incontinence

Episodes 3-5

How to Get A Porn Star Penis

The State of the Date

The Second Coming: Bringing Back Sex & Passion

Episodes 0-2

The Vagina Wars

Let’s Talk About Sex

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