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Episodes 123-125

Why Couples Stray & why They Stay 

And can a couple recover after infidelity? Is such a relationship even worth saving? So many questions, but today you will find answers on this episode of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast. Whether you have grappled with betrayal firsthand or seek to deepen your understanding of the human heart, stay with me for this conversation. 

The Top 10 Countries Having the Most Sex

Who is having the most sex? What difference does culture make? Are these people working less? What are their divorce rates? Are these people eating differently? And where does the US stand on the list of the friskiest countries?
Counting down the ten most sexually active countries with me are Tiffany and Mia, hosts of the hit podcast Crazy, Rich Neighbors.

Sexual Health: Everything Men Should Know

Dive into this comprehensive episode of Dr. Sex Fairy where we explore everything from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to penis implants to the connection between ED and heart disease. Discover the answers to pressing questions like: What exactly is ED and how prevalent is it? What are the leading causes of and effective treatments for ED? How do ED and premature ejaculation differ? Are Viagra or Cialis right for you? What risks do ED medications pose, including the condition known as Priapism? Plus, we tackle the sensitive topics of prostate cancer and various options for enhancing penis size.

Episodes 120-122

The Birds, The Bees, & All These STDs

What is the likelihood of catching HIV from a partner? Which STI can you actually prevent with a vaccine? Which are the most common STIs?

Welcome to this crucial episode of Dr. Sex Fairy where Infectious Diseases specialist Dr. Patrick Kenney and I are diving into the often misunderstood world of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – no stigma, no shame, just straight facts and helpful guidance. From Chlamydia to HPV to Syphilis to Herpes, we are breaking down the basics of STIs and STDs, their symptoms, and, most importantly, the treatments available.

How to Have Sex Like a Pornstar

What is anal to mouth or ATM? Does masturbation help you have better sex? How much of what you see on screen is real? 

In this episode we are joined by famous porn star Silvia Saige who answers these questions and gives tips for mind-blowing sex and pleasure. It is a masterclass in sex! She also tells you which aspect of the porn industry you should adopt in your own life, and what you should never believe. This is an episode you will want to hear till the very end, and then hear again.

A Divorce Attorney’s Thoughts About Love & Relationships

Why do more than half the marriages in this country end in divorce and heartbreak? What are the early signs that a couple will divorce? What are the different types of divorce? How does a couple decide child custody matters? How can a couple avoid divorce and strengthen a marriage? And… when is a marriage irretrievably broken?

Episodes 117-119

From Platelets to Pleasure 

My guest is Dr. Gayan Poovendran, a leading expert in sports medicine, and he joins us to explore the innovative treatments of PRFM and exosomes. Together, we unravel the science behind these cutting-edge therapies and discuss their potential to revolutionize sexual function, pleasure, aesthetics, hair loss, and joint health.

5 Ways to Biohack Your SexSpan

I will give you innovative strategies to maintain a vibrant sexual life alongside physical and emotional health. Discover the intersection of longevity and sexual fulfillment through lifestyle changes, scientific insights, supplements and groundbreaking treatments designed to transform your life at any age.

Kink, Fetish & Forbidden Pleasure

We will unravel the tangled web of desire, distinguishing between kinks and fetishes. Did you know a foot fetish is more common than you think, and that BDSM is a hit in not just the US but also in other countries?

Episodes 114-116

5 Ways to Make Sex Fun

From the importance of communication and novelty to the role of adventure and playfulness, we cover essential tips that promise to bring fun back into the bedroom. This episode is your guide to bringing passion and enjoyment to your intimate connections, whether you are in a long-term relationship or just meeting someone new. 

How to Make This Your Sexiest Valentine’s Day Yet

In this edition of Six Minutes On Sex, I am going to ensure that your celebration of love is nothing short of unforgettable. This episode is designed to cater to everyone—whether you are in a committed relationship, exploring a new romance, or embracing self-love.

Sleeping Your Way to Better Sex

Prepare to have your mind opened to the profound impact sleep has on your libido and sexual function, and general health, and how, in turn, a healthy sex life can lead to more restful sleep.  This episode is part of our Six Minutes On Sex series. Consider it a podcast quickie.

Episodes 111-113

How to Meet Someone in the Real World 

This episode is packed with practical advice for those looking to expand their dating horizons. Whether you are tired of swiping left or right, or are simply seeking a fresh approach to meeting people, this episode of Dr. Sex Fairy offers valuable insights and tips to transform your dating life.  This episode is part of our Six Minutes On Sex series. Consider it a podcast quickie.

Exploring Your Sexual Fantasies

Are  sexual fantasies normal? Can they hurt your relationship? How many people actually have sexual fantasies? Tune in to find out.

Make It Rain: The Squirting Episode

Does squirting feel good? Is squirting urine? Can women ejaculate? So many questions and so few answers out there. This episode of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast is part of our 6 Minutes on Sex series. Get the info you need, and get on with having hot sex.

Episodes 108-110

Love, Sex… & Tantra?

As always, I am your guide to a transformative sexual health and wellness journey. Our focus today is Why You Should Have More Sex. Not only is this episode packed with life-altering information for your partner and you, it also tells you why having great sex, and a lot of it, can make you healthier and more fulfilled. 

How Sex Can Cause Cancer: What You Must Know

The vast majority of men do nothing to preserve sexual function during the early years of life, and even after they develop the initial signs of erectile dysfunction, they are in a state of denial for the first few years, or even decades in many cases. I am a believer in rejuvenation but I often discuss the importance of preservation or prejuvenation, and attacking the problem early so that it doesn’t stand a chance.

Why You Should Have More Sex

It has become the most common female genital cosmetic surgery, but did you know there’s a non-surgical option gaining ground?

Labiaplasty, traditionally a surgical procedure, has been associated with nerve damage, loss of sensation, scarring and infection. That is why I have steadfastly refused to perform surgical labiaplasties in my office.

Episodes 105-107

How to Save Your Penis 

The vast majority of men do nothing to preserve sexual function during the early years of life, and even after they develop the initial signs of erectile dysfunction, they are in a state of denial for the first few years, or even decades in many cases. I am a believer in rejuvenation but I often discuss the importance of preservation or prejuvenation, and attacking the problem early so that it doesn’t stand a chance.

Loose Lips Sink Ships: Non-Surgical Labiaplasty

It has become the most common female genital cosmetic surgery, but did you know there’s a non-surgical option gaining ground?

Labiaplasty, traditionally a surgical procedure, has been associated with nerve damage, loss of sensation, scarring and infection.

Single & Dating Like Cats

· 117.6 million Americans or 46% of those aged 18 and over are single according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

· A quarter of Americans, including 35% of Gen Z and 30% of Boomers, say “I am not looking for a relationship”

· Eight in 10 Americans believe that finding the right partner is harder than finding the right job

· Six in 10 singles say that “dating is becoming an unaffordable luxury”

Episodes 102-104

Inside the Budoir: Art, Erotica & Spicing Up Your 

Today we are venturing inside the boudoir and discussing how boudoir photography is about more than just sexy images. We will discuss the delicate dance between art and eroticism. We will also unravel the myths, and discuss the transformative impact of boudoir photography on your relationship with your partner and more importantly, with yourself.

Why No Nut November is A Nutty Concept

On this episode we are discussing No Nut November and why it is a nutty concept. It is an annual event that occurs every November. Men are told that they cannot ejaculate for 30 days. Since ejaculation is referred to as “busting a nut,” this 30-day period of no ejaculation is called No Nut November.

Milf Talk With Brandi Love

Today we delve into a topic that intrigues and inspires – the irresistible appeal of sexy older women, and the concept of a MILF. Our special guest, the world-renowned adult star Brandi Love, brings her unique insights and experiences to the table, illuminating why men are so fascinated by mature beauty and elegance.

Episodes 99-101

Sex & Your Ex

Gwyneth Paltrow’s relationships with Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and ex-husband Chris Martin ended years ago as well but you sense a fire burning for Brad Pitt on some level even today.How often do you think about your ex or your exes? Do you compare them to each other? Do you compare them to your current partner? Do you miss sex with your ex?

10 Things I Have Learned About Sex

As much as I have taught my listeners, I have also learned a lot about attitudes towards sexuality myself. Let’s discuss the top 10 things I have learned in 100 episodes.

Why Girth Matters More Than Length

Today I want to shift the focus from length to girth. Does size matter? Does length matter? Why do I think girth is more important? Tune in to find out.

Episodes 96-98

How to Have Incredible Sex at Any Age

How about sex twice a day seven days a week? This episode covers a couple whose Dr. Sex Fairy transformation became the subject of a major story by Insider. This is a story so fascinating that it was picked up by news outlets around the world. Tune in to hear it for yourself, and learn how you can have incredible sex at any age.

What Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Can Teach You About Keeping Your Relationship Hot

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for over a quarter century. What can they teach us? Tune in for this, and more.

Dr. Sex Fairy Supplements: The Secret Ingredient for Better Sex

They are the secret ingredient for better sex. The days of you taking gas station pills are over. The days of you buying strange pills from shady websites are over. Dr. Sex Fairy supplements are proudly made in the US, with the highest quality ingredients. Click to hear how this supplement line came to be, and how it will transform your life. 

Episodes 93-95

BawaRF: Penile, Vaginal & Anal Rejuvenation 

We are now introducing BawaRF, a revolutionary new treatment to rejuvenate penises, vaginas and anal areas from the inside out. Ready for transformation? Listen for the details.

Tighter Wetter Vaginas (Revisited)

What causes vaginal laxity? How can a woman become more orgasmic? What is the orgasm gap, and how can a couple bridge it? How can you make your genitals look better? What is non-surgical labiaplasty? What is the BawaShot? What effect do childbirth, menopause, cancer, etc have on libido? How can you increase libido? Listen now to get all the answers. 

A Really Hot Sex Position

Today we are discussing a very, very hot sex position right out of the famous Kama Sutra that helps both partners orgasm. Tune in to hear about this hottest of hot sex positions you should try TONIGHT! 

Episodes 90-92

Bigger, Harder, Longer (Revisited)

But how can a man get there? What is more important? Length or girth? How can a man get harder? What do women really want? What is the masturbation connection?

Can Sex Make You Smarter?

 It can help with anxiety, depression, sleep and more. But can sex actually make you smarter? Tune in to find out. 

Why Alpha Women Want Alpha Men

Do alpha women want alpha or beta men? Do they always wear the pants in a relationship? Do they want to? How should you navigate dating when you are in your 40s, 50s, and beyond? What does a great kiss tell you? What does the valet ticket tell you?! I am joined by Glennda Baker, realtor and social media star on this episode.

Episodes 87-89

5 Ways To Last Longer TONIGHT

I have many treatments at Bawa Medical that can give you the sexual function of your dreams, but these are five things you can do at home to last longer TONIGHT!

The Ballgame That Can Save Your Life

One man is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour. 470 men die from this in the US every year, and 10,000 men die from it worldwide.
These are sobering statistics. Who is most likely to get it? How is it diagnosed? How is it treated? What is the survival rate? How does it affect sexual function? There are many questions, and I have the answers for you on this episode, so tune in now.

How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?

How does it compare to walking or running? Which burns more calories – a stationary bike or sex? Do men burn more calories during sex or are women beating them to it? Tune in for all the answers.

Episodes 84-86

How to Get a Porn Star Penis (Revisited)

The bigger a man’s penis, the more manly he feels. In fact, men secretly wish for a porn star penis! As for women, research has proven that they like a larger than average penis. Don’t let the politically correct talk fool you. Should a man get penis enlargement? What is the BawaBig procedure? Tune in for more.

Can You Cure Herpes?

Which type of Herpes infects the genitals? HSV1 or HSV2? How can you treat Herpes? How common is Herpes? Can you transmit Herpes without a sore? Listen to find out. 

The Orgasm Gap Explained

Who is having the most orgasms? How can you have those yourself? What does vaginal rejuvenation really mean? How can you loosen a vagina that is painfully tight, and tighten a vagina that is loose? And what does your childhood have to do with it all?! I am joined by Carolina Sanchez, host of the FOX26 Houston talk show The Nightcap.

Episodes 81-83

The Heavenly Sex Position To Try Tonight

There has to be flirtation, teasing, romance, and stimulation of all the senses. It doesn’t hurt that the Kama Sutra helps you out by giving you multiple sex positions to experiment with. Today we are talking about one such sex position. It is literally called the Queen of Heaven.

Erectile Dysfunction & Heart Disease

Over half the men with heart disease suffer from ED. ED is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease because men with ED develop it within 2 to 5 years. And then there’s Testosterone. Is it good for your heart? What can COVID do to erectile function, and what’s the Testosterone link? What about Viagra and Cialis? Tune in to hear my discussion with board certified interventional cardiologis Dr. Jyoti Mohanty.

A Quick Guide to an Amazing Quickie

You can introduce different ways to pleasure each other, and that will be exciting in and of itself. Here are 5 tips for an amazing quickie.

Episodes 78-80

Where is the G-Spot?

Where is the G-Spot? What is it? Why is it called that? Does it really exist? My patients ask me about this all the time. The women want to know how to show their partner the way, and the men want to know how to please their women. Everyone is looking for this Unicorn. It’s time we delved into it.

Make The Missionary Sex Position Hot Again

Old is gold. I am here to tell you why this is a great position for most couples, and how you can spice it up.

3 Ways to Turbocharge Your Sex Life

How can you perform like you did in your 20s or 30s? Does a bigger penis really give you BDE? On this episode I am joined by my patient Bryan whose life was transformed by these 3 steps. Tune in to listen to his story, and then some.

Episodes 75-77

Me Love You Long Time: Premature Ejaculation

How can a man last longer? Let’s talk about early or premature ejaculation, and
2 ways to help you last longer.

The Secret Lives of Swingers

How do they find swingers? Why do they do it? What about jealousy? Do they get STDs? What is soft swinging? And what’s with that pineapple?! On this episode I am joined by Dan and Lacy, a married swinger couple who have been in what is known as “the lifestyle” for years. They are the hosts of the hit podcast The Swing Nation. They spill all their secrets in this episode! Hint: She was a unicorn.

Why Afterplay Should Not Be An After Thought

Afterplay is very underrated. It helps a couple in so many ways. Listen to find out more.

Episodes 72-74

The Top 12 Masturbation Myths Busted

Does a woman lose her virginity by using a sex toy? Can it deform you? How much masturbation is too much? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this great episode of America’s number one sex podcast, Dr. Sex Fairy.

The Smoking Hot Sex Position To Try Tonight: Churn It

The Day I Got Kicked Out Of A Brothel

And why was I kicked out?! Listen to my story! I am joined by Dr. Caleb Jacobson, everyone’s favorite sex therapist, and host of the new podcast Uncomplicated Sex. 

Episodes 69-71

The Sex Position Most Likely To Break Your Penis

How much have sex positions changed over the years? Tune in to discuss this, and more.

12 Reasons Why You Need More Sex

I am going to discuss with you 12 of many reasons why you need more sex. Some of them will shock you, so stay tuned till the very end.


This position has been around for thousands of years. Have you tried it? Tune in for tips and tricks.

Episodes 66-68

Making Spooning Sex Hot AF

Forget the same old sex positions. Here are 5 ways to heat things up, and have incredible spooning sex today.

Why Her Sex Toy Is Your Friend

What does her sex toy say about you? Should you get her a vibrator? Should a couple use toys together? Dr. Kanwal Bawa is America’s favorite sex doctor. 

10 Sex Hacks You Should Try Today

 This is an episode that will change your sex life. From making sex more pleasurable to less messy, this episode covers it all. Tune in now. Dr. Kanwal Bawa is America’s favorite sex doctor.

Episodes 63-65

The Hot Sex Position to Try Tonight

If you are bored of the same old sex positions, this episode is for you! Tune in to hear about the hot sex position you should try TONIGHT! Dr. Kanwal Bawa is America’s favorite sex doctor. 

Forever Sex: Beyond Viagra

How long can you take Viagra before it stops working? Are Viagra and Cialis the same? Does Cialis work better than Viagra? Does Viagra work better than Cialis? What is a long term treatment for Erectile Dysfunction or ED? Do you have to take the little blue pill to make your penis harder and last longer? What is the BawaShot? What is BawaWave? Tune in for the answers!

The Bawa Sutra: Flirting, Foreplay, & Steamy Sex 

What are your partner’s erogenous zones or pleasure spots? How much foreplay does your partner need? What can you do outside the bedroom to spice things up inside it? Dr. Kanwal Bawa is America’s favorite sex doctor. 

Episodes 60-62

Erectile Dysfunction: Two Surprising Signs

What are the top 5 signs of ED? How long does the average man last? How long does the average woman want her man to last? What is the most important sex organ? Find answers to all this and more on this episode of the superhit podcast Dr. Sex Fairy. Dr. Kanwal Bawa is America’s favorite sex doctor.

The Bawa Sutra:  Making Penises Bigger & Better

Yes! Men have always wanted big penises that work well, and their partners have always appreciated them. Vatsyayana compiled the Kama Sutra in the 4th century AD but refers to texts all the way back to the 4th century BC…. and penis size was a thing even then.

Sexting:  The New Foreplay

Are teenagers the one doing it the most? Are gym and bathroom selfies sexting? What are the best and worst things about sexting? Are sexting and cheating related? And what about revenge porn?My guest on this episode is Dr. Michelle Drouin, who is a professor of psychology at Purdue University Fort Wayne as well as a senior research scientist. Her research has included sexting, online relationships, cell phone addiction, technology and sexuality. She is the author of “Out of Touch: How to Survive An Intimacy Famine.” 

Episodes 57-59

The Bawa Sutra:  Want Blissful Sex?

Are you satisfied with your life? What does the Kama Sutra say about it? Let’s discuss all this and more in this mini episode of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast.

The Secret Behind Big Dick Energy.

Does a man need a big penis to have BDE? How can a man get a bigger penis without surgery? What matters more…. size or function? What is the difference between BawaBig and the BawaShot?I was recently interviewed on FOX26’s The Nightcap about Big Dick Energy, and on this episode I am joined by Carolina Sanchez, the host of the show. Tune in for answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

The Bawa Sutra:  What is Moral Eroticism?

Can morality and eroticism co-exist? What do I think about sex as a means to heal trauma? Listen to find out.

Episodes 54-56

Keep Calm & Have Hot Sex

It happens to be your brain. On this episode we are discussing the connection between mental and sexual health, and how it is time we took the shame out of sex therapy. Who needs a sex therapist? How can you find a great sex therapist? What are the signs you should watch out for?I am joined by Dr. Caleb Jacobson, host of the Sex Therapy Podcast. Tune in for answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

The Bawa Sutra:  Pleasure for Pleasure’s Sake

What a unique concept! The Kama Sutra has very strong views about it, and so do I. And while we are at it, let’s discuss why you need to take shame and embarrassment out of the equation. India had it figured out thousands of years ago. It is time you did too.

How to Get Your Wife To Do What Your Girlfriend Does

How can a couple keep the spark alive? How can you keep the sex spicy? How can you stay connected emotionally? Do love languages matter? I am joined by Jordyn Hakes, host of the Horny Housewife Podcast. Tune in for answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. 

Episodes 51-53

The Bawa Sutra:  When Fido Really is Your Best Mate

Is sex with animals really a rare deviant act? Which countries are still practicing it? Is it illegal in the US? Listen to find out more!

Shocking Sex Secrets of the Amish

Have you ever wondered what life is like behind those farmhouse doors and inside those buggies? What is dating like when you are Amish? What about premarital sex? How common is rape? Are fathers having sex with their daughters? Tune in for the answers.

The Bawa Sutra:  Eroticism & the 4 Pillars of Life

We are certainly going to get into tips about how to have incredible sex but we must first discuss what eroticism is, and how the four basic tenets of life according to the Kama Sutra can help you live a more fulfilled life even in today’s day and age.

Episodes 48-50

10 Penis Myths Exposed

Does size matter? What size do women want in their man? Is foot size related to penis size? Is the average penis 8 inches long when erect? Can you fracture a penis? Tune in for answers to these questions, and others you have always wondered about. 

The Bawa Sutra:  An Introduction

Every Friday I will give you tips, tricks and transformation in under 5 minutes. You may have head of the Kama Sutra but today we are going to talk about the Bawa Sutra.

Tighter, Wetter Vaginas

What causes vaginal laxity? How can a woman become more orgasmic? What is the orgasm gap, and how can a couple bridge it? How can you make your genitals look better? What is non-surgical labiaplasty? What is the BawaShot? What effect do childbirth, menopause, cancer, etc have on libido? How can you increase libido? Listen now to get all the answers. This week I am joined by Janine Stella, host of the Skulls and Stilettos Podcast.

Episodes 45-47

Throat Orgasms & Other Crazy Things They Say Are True

Female ejaculation or squirting videos are all the rage on Pornhub. Should every woman squirt? Does squirting make orgasms better? You have questions, and I have the answers. Buckle up! This episode is going to be a wild ride. I am joined by my dear friend and everyone’s favorite sex therapist, Dr. Caleb Jacobson on this episode. Dr. Jacobson is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and biblical scholar. He is the host of the very popular Sex Therapy Podcast.

Th Art of the Blow Job

Men love receiving blow jobs, but their partners aren’t always on board. This episode teaches you the art of the blowjob. How can you make a blow job more pleasurable for him? How can you incorporate all his senses and yours? How can you actually enjoy giving a blow job yourself? Can oral sex lower blood pressure?! Do you want to blow his mind? Do you want your partner to blow your mind? Tune in now. I am joined by Jordyn Hakes, the host of the podcast The Horny Housewife, on this episode.

Sex After Cancer: How Men & Women Rediscover Pleasure-1

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we are going to discuss the effect of breast cancer on a couple’s sex life. Why does sex hurt during and after cancer? How does cancer treatment affect hormones? What happens to sex after chemotherapy and radiation? How can you treat painful sex and vaginal dryness? I am joined by Dr. Kristin Rojas, fellowship trained breast cancer surgeon, to discuss these important questions. Dr. Rojas is also the founder and director of the Menopause, Urogenital, Sexual Health and Intimacy Program (MUSIC), a program for women experiencing sexual dysfunction after cancer treatment.

Episodes 42-44

Bigger, Harder, Longer

How can you make a penis bigger without surgery? How can you get a harder erection? Can you make a penis longer? How thick does a woman like a penis to be? And how long does a woman like a penis to be? Join me as I answer all these questions and more. I am joined by Brian Howie, host of the podcast the Great Love Debate. 

How to Get Big Dick Energy

How can you get BDE if you don’t have it? How can you get a bigger penis without surgery? Do you need a big penis to have BDE? Tune in for the answers. Also listen to Donald who got my non-surgical Bawa Big penis enlargement procedure a year ago. He talks about his experience with a bigger penis, and whether it gave him Big Dick Energy.

Vaginismus, Vibrators & Vaginal Massage

This is a case of extreme vaginal tightness. 1 out of every 10 women suffers from Vaginismus but when is the last time you heard about it? What causes Vaginismus? How can you treat it? What roles do dilators and vibrators play in the treatment of Vaginismus? Does Vaginismus make sex hurt? And what is this talk about vaginal massage?! I am joined by Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus who is an internationally recognized sex therapist and author of the book “Sex Points.” She often talks about Vaginismus, and what women can do to heal not just their bodies but their relationships. Tune in for this incredible discussion. 

Episodes 39-41

COVID, Testosterone & Male Sexual Dysfunction

Some of these changes are mind-boggling. Can COVID make your penis smaller?! Can COVID cause Erectile Dysfunction? And what is the link between COVID and Testosterone? Who is more likely to die of COVID? Who should be on Testosterone therapy? And who should not be on Testosterone replacement? Tune into this episode to find answers to all this and more.

Anal-yze This: Cucumbers, Condoms, and Safe Anal Sex

 How common is anal sex? How should you prep for anal sex? What is the best lube for anal sex? How can you have safe anal sex? What about anal sex toys and cucumbers?!! Can you have anal sex if you have hemorrhoids? What is the best position for anal sex? Does anal sex make a man gay? Are you a giver or a taker? What is pegging? What is rimming? How can you maintain hygiene while having anal sex? Should you douche before anal sex? And what about condoms? In this episode I am joined by my friend Dr. Caleb Jacobson who is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and biblical scholar. He chairs the AASECT Special Interest Group on Sexuality and Religion, and is the host of the very popular Sex Therapy Podcast.

Sex On A First Date: Genius or Disaster?

The research will shock you. Is the third date rule the best waiting period or should you wait at least a month? Do men think poorly of women who have sex on a first date? What about performance anxiety? I am joined by Brian Howie, podcaster (The Great Love Debate) and owner of the PodPopuli chain of podcast recording studios. We discuss all these issues and more. Tune in now! 

Episodes 36-38

Orgasm After Childbirth: Baby’s Coming & So Is Mom

A woman can and should be having orgasms at that very time. Why can’t a woman be sexual and maternal simultaneously? This episode addresses this controversial concept. Furthermore, did you stop to think about how traumatic childbirth and the postpartum period are for a woman? It is both physically and emotionally draining. It is tough on the partner and the family as well. A doula can be a great support when a woman needs it the most. I am joined by Doula Ruth Kraft in this episode, and we discuss sexuality, orgasms, childbirth, and much more. Tune in now.

Why Men Who Do Kegels Have Better Sex

What?! Yes, Kegels for men really are a thing. What really is a Kegel? Why should men do Kegels? Do they really help a man get better erections? What else can they do?
On this episode I am joined by actor, podcaster and voice artist Phil Hersh who learns how to do Kegels on the air. Tune in to hear how men and women alike can squeeze their way to both better sex and a stronger pelvic floor. 

Bringing Horny Back: How to Reclaim Your Libido

It is not just a female problem. There are plenty of men losing their desire for sex. Why does this happen? Is it a physical or mental issue? I am joined on this episode by Janine Stella, host of the Skulls and Stilettos podcast. We both live in South Florida, and got talking about Janine’s low libido. We brought the conversation on the air because that is what podcasters do. Tune in for the reasons why people lose libido, and what they can do to treat it. 

Episodes 33-35

Surprising Facts About Orgasm-2

 Can a woman have an orgasm during childbirth,? What about during sleep? How are nipples and orgasms connected? Let’s talk about all this and more in this episode. The facts will surprise you.

Sugar Daddy Secrets

Are Sugar Babies just high-end escorts? Is a Sugar Daddy usually cheating on his wife? Where do these couples find each other? Are they couples at all?
I am joined by Marcus, a Sugar Daddy, in this episode. Marcus is the host of Secrets of a Sugar Daddy,
the number one sugar dating podcast in the world. Marcus answers some of my questions in this very informative episode. Tune in now for all the details. 

Bridging The Orgasm Gap

In a survey of over 2000 straight women, 57% said that they orgasm most or every time they have sex with a partner while 95% said that their partner orgasms most or every time. In a different survey, 64% of women and 91% of men said that they had had an orgasm during their most recent sexual encounter. It is apparent that there is a large gap between the number of women having orgasms and the number of men having orgasms. I am honored to be joined on this episode of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast by Dr. Laurie Mintz, who is the author of the book “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters- And How To Get It.” 

Episodes 30-32

Burlesque Behind The Feathers: Sexuality & Body Positivity

The confidence to be ourselves, to voice our fantasies and needs, to actively portray our true self. Eve Champagne, the Queen of Burlesque, is bringing her unique brand of confidence, sexuality and fantasy to Hamburg, Germany and far beyond. She is also a tour guide for the Reeperbahn sex district of Hamburg. I flew there to interview her in person. Tune in to hear how we can all learn something from Eve and the world of Burlesque. 

Loose Women:  How To Tighten Your Vagina

From childbirth to normal aging, it seems that everything causes it! I am joined by the very funny and very bougie Crazy, Rich Neighbors in this episode. We talk about why vaginal laxity happens, what you can do to prevent it, and what you can do to fix it with my unique combination of vaginal rejuvenation treatments. We also talk about penis size, penis enlargement and more. After all, are you too big or is your partner too small? Is it both?! 

Sex & The Older Woman:  Thank you Emma Thompson

In this episode we discuss sex and sexuality in the older woman. We also discuss the Emma Thompson movie Good Luck To You, Leo Grande. Emma Thompson plays a widow in her early 60s who has never had an orgasm, and hires a male escort to help get her there. The movie makes a very poignant comment about sex and the older woman, her insecurities, and more. I am joined by Eileen Lemelman, clinical social worker and psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience. Eileen specializes in treating trauma, and we talk about the issue from both a psychosocial and biological point of view.

Episodes 27-29

Porn Addiction:  Fact or Fiction?

40 million American people regularly visit porn sites. 35% of all internet downloads are related to pornography. One-third of porn viewers are women. Every second 28,258 users are watching pornography on the internet. In this episode I am joined by my friend Dr. Caleb Jacobson who is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and biblical scholar. He chairs the AASECT Special Interest Group on Sexuality and Religion, and is the host of the very popular Sex Therapy Podcast.

Do We Need Fixing?

Can we really fix our partner? What does that even mean? In this episode I talk to Heather Leigh, host of The Man Fixer podcast, and my friend Ken. Heather discusses issues from a man’s point of view, and Ken is a man I have unsuccessfully tried to fix for years, albeit as a friend. Tune in for a great conversation. 

Sex & The Single Mom

In this episode I am joined by my friend Eva who, like me, is a single mother. We are both successful women navigating the world of dating in our 40s. We are not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau of the 11 million single parent families with children, nearly 80 percent are headed by single mothers. Join me as we discuss the joys and sorrows of single moms, and our experiences trying to date. 

Episodes 24-26

All The Colors Of The Rainbow

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and I took this opportunity to invite my friend Robert Boo to the podcast. Robert is the CEO of Ft. Lauderdale’s iconic Pride Center. What is the difference between all the different terms used to describe the LGBTQ+ community? What are the various issues faced by them today? Are attitudes changing? What are the resources for HIV+ people? We are very different yet we are all the same. At the end of the day, love is love, and we are all colors of the same rainbow.

Middle-Aged & Single

This is not how it was supposed to be. What does it mean when a man has never been married and had no children at that age? Is this a major red flag? How have dating and marriage changed over the past few decades? In this episode I talk to Jonathan Sheer, host of the podcast I Know Jonathan Sheer. Tune in for more.

When Fast & Furious Is A Bad Thing

What we don’t realize is that it is also affecting at least that many partners. It is a complex issue that must be discussed. How does the male orgasm work? How quick is too quick? What causes Premature Ejaculation? Can you do anything to fix it? Join me for answers.

Episodes 21-23

Let’s Talk About Orgasms

This episode is about the human orgasmic potential, and I am joined by Susan Bratton who refers to herself as the “Orgasmanaut…” We are combining the medical and sensual. Tune in for the science behind orgasms, as well as tips and tricks. 

Porn: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The real numbers are definitely higher. In this episode I discuss the good, the bad and the ugly about porn with Sebas Peñaranda, the host of the podcast The Sebas Perspective. Is it healthy to watch porn? How much is too much? Listen to us discuss porn, penis size, penile enlargement, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), sex toys, relationships and of course, sex! 

Surprising Facts About Orgasm

What does it take to have a great orgasm? Does it have to be sexual touch or can a person be stimulated to the point of orgasm by something nonsexual? Where is the mythical G Spot? Let’s talk about all this and more in this episode. The facts will surprise you.

Episodes 18-20

The Future of Sex

Sebas is 21 and I am 43. We see the world very differently…or do we? He is Colombian by heritage and I am Indian. I have often felt that Latin and Indian families have a lot in common. Listen to us discuss one night stands, online dating, the effect of porn on relationships, starter marriages, and more.

The Erection That Won’t Go Away

This condition is called Priapism. How does an erection actually work? How is it that some erections don’t go away? What medications can cause this?
What are the long term effects of Priapism? Is there an alternative to medications for Erectile Dysfunction? What is the link between Sickle Cell Anemia and Priapism? What do penis implants have to do with Priapism? Tune in to find out the answers to all this and more.

Sex and Shame: A Vicious Cycle

Not only do people feel ashamed of their sexuality, they often judge each other over sexuality as well. I practice skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and sexual wellness at my medical practice Bawa Medical. I am often told that I am ruining my brand by practicing sexual medicine and being so open about it. In this episode of Dr. Sex Fairy I am joined by Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and researcher. He has his own podcast called Sex Therapy with Dr. Jones. Why do we feel shame when it comes to sex? How does porn affect our relationships? How does shame lead to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, and vice versa? Are porn stars ashamed of their career? How does poor body image affect sex? We are ashamed of masturbation but can it actually build confidence? How can we overcome shame? Listen to this episode for all this and more.

Episodes 15-17

Career & Infidelity: A Pilot Speaks

Pilots are infamous for infidelity. Books like The Pilot’s Wife promote that reputation. In this episode I speak to a commercial airline captain and ask him if pilots are really as unfaithful as one has heard.
Is Aviation Induced Divorce Syndrome (also known as AIDS) fact or fiction? Which careers have the highest rates of divorce? What happens on those long haul flights? Which careers have the highest rates of divorce? Tune in to this episode to find out.

Sex and Rejuvenation: Making Lives Better

Why do I dislike Viagra and Cialis? Why are my form of penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction treatments better than silicone or Penuma penis implants?
Can someone tell if you have a penis implant? What do the P-Shot, the O-Shot and hair restoration have in common? What do heart attacks and erectile dysfunction have in common? Listen to this episode for all this and more.

Polyamory: Is Three a Crowd?

The Webster Dictionary defines polyamory as the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time. “Poly” comes from the Greek word meaning many, and “-amory” from the Latin for “amor” which means love.
How is a polyamorous relationship different from polygamy or swinging? Why does the LGBTQ community have more polyamorous relationships? Studies have shown that 1 in 6 U.S. adults want to be polyamorous, and 1 in 9 have been polyamorous at some point in their lives!
In this episode I talk to my friend Roger who lives in South Florida and is in a committed polyamorous relationship with two other men. They share a home and many happy times. I invited Roger to the studio to help enlighten us on many of the questions we all have about this lifestyle choice. Tune in to hear our fun and informative talk.

Episodes 12-14

Sex and Religion

In this episode of Dr. Sex Fairy I am joined by Dr. Christopher Ryan Jones, clinical psychologist, sex therapist and researcher. He has his own podcast called Sex Therapy with Dr. Jones. He is also the chair of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists’ special interest group on sexuality and religion.
Our discussion includes how religion influences sexuality, how it affects sex negativity and sex positivity, whether you can be both highly sexual and highly spiritual, and how religion views the LGBTQ community. Can religion cause you to have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? How does religion view polyamory, polyandry and polygamy? Tune in to find out.

Female Sexual Dysfunction: What’s a Girl to Do?

It is another issue altogether when nothing helps. Women have difficulty having orgasms due to a variety of reasons ranging from hormones to normal aging to past trauma, and more. What if a woman has low libido? What if she cannot get turned on even if she wants to have sex? Why does sex hurt? What do Psoriasis and Eczema have to do with sex? Listen to this episode to learn about Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Female Orgasmic Disorder, Dyspareunia and Genital Size Mismatch. I will also discuss some of the most effective types of vaginal rejuvenation options available to women today from the famous O-Shot to vaginal lasers to acoustic wave therapy and more.

More Money, More Problems

…is money really the root of all evil or are we complicating our lives unnecessarily? Does having more money help or hurt relationships? Listen to me talk to Ft. Lauderdale-based attorney Michael Wild, managing partner of Wild Felice & Partners, PA who practices in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, probate administration and wealth transfer. Michael, like me, is a 40-something divorced and successful parent living the single life in beautiful and ritzy South Florida. Is it easier or harder for us? In what ways does being a single parent complicate things? Would we get married again? Would we rather find a great employee or a great significant other?! Tune in.

Episodes 9-11

Use It or Lose It

We are shrinking! The ladies from the Crazy, Rich Neighbors podcast and I discuss how a clitoris can shrink and what you can do about it. Can you make a clitoris bigger?
Where is the G spot? Is it real? What happens to the vagina if you don’t have sex? How old is too old when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation? Does estrogen cream help? What is an O-Shot? Can a penis shrink? Can you make a penis bigger?
Listen to this great episode for answers to these questions and more.

The Happy Vagina: How To Get Your Groove Back

While it is easy to want to blame someone, the partner isn’t always at fault. Women find it harder to achieve orgasm even with clitoral stimulation.
They find that they suffer from vaginal laxity (looseness) due to childbirth and general wear and tear. Lubrication is another issue with vaginal dryness keeping them from enjoying sex. What’s a girl to do?!
Vaginal rejuvenation has reached new levels at my practice Bawa Medical. Listen to this episode to learn how your partner and/ or you can get your groove back and have the sex you dream about.

Mr. Big: Let’s Talk Penis Enlargement

Men of all sizes usually want to be bigger. I see many of them at my practice Bawa Medical. Some questions arise in every penis enlargement consultation, and I think it is a good idea to address them here. After all, if my patients want to know, you want to know.
What is penis enlargement? How can I make my penis bigger? How does non-surgical penis enlargement procedure work at Bawa Medical? Are a P-Shot and penis enlargement the same thing? What is PRP? What is a filler? How long will my penis enlargement results last? How long will the penis enlargement procedure take? Does it hurt? What does penis enlargement cost? Find out the answers to all this and more in this episode of the Dr. Sex Fairy.

Episodes 6-8

Swinging Into More Sex

Some are married, some are dating…and some are committed to each other but like having sex with other people.
How do my swinger patients have more sex? Does penis size matter? What is the swinger lifestyle? Do their partners get jealous? Is swinging in a relationship healthy? How do swingers find each other? What is a swinger party? Do swingers have threesomes? Do swingers have group sex and orgies? I had a lot of questions and sat down with my patient Jim to talk about his alternative lifestyle choice.

Sex Sent Them To The ER

I am a Cleveland Clinic trained and board-certified emergency medicine physician in addition to being Dr. Sex Fairy. I no longer work in the ER but the sexual wellness part of my Boca Raton, Florida rejuvenation practice Bawa Medical is directly related to my experiences while I worked there.
In fact, I saw so many sexual and sex-related emergencies that I started to wonder what was missing in our medical system, and why many of these things were happening to begin with.
What are the side effects of Viagra and Cialis? How long should an erection last? Who buys the most sex toys? What is the number one sex toy sold? Are gas station ED (Erectile Dysfunction) drugs and other stimulants safe? Can you make a penis bigger without surgery? What is a yoni egg?! Tune in for answers to all this, and more.

Plug The Leak: How to Treat Urinary Incontinence

The two most common types of urinary incontinence are stress incontinence and urge incontinence. Urine leakage is more common in women over the age of 50 and 75% of women above age 65 suffer from incontinence of some sort. Less than half of the women who experience incontinence episodes discuss the issue with their doctor. Some women may find it too embarrassing to discuss symptoms, while others may think it is normal for them to experience incontinence after childbirth or with aging.
Dr. Kanwal Bawa AKA Dr. Sex Fairy is often asked these questions by her patients: “What is urinary incontinence?” “Do I need surgery for urinary incontinence?” “I leak when I cough and sneeze. What can I do about that?” “Will I have to wear pantyliners forever?” “I don’t let my husband give me oral sex because I smell of urine. What can I do?” “Why do I leak urine when I do jumping jacks?” “Do all women leak after vaginal childbirth?” “What is Thermiva?” “What is a CO2 laser?”
Listen to this episode titled “Plug The Leak” in which Dr. Sex Fairy speaks to her patient Tamara whose life was transformed by her vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Episodes 3-5

How to Get A Porn Star Penis

Just about every man wants a bigger penis. A study found that women prefer penises that are about 6.3 inches long but what is the average penis size?
Dr. Bawa’s patients often ask her the same questions: “Can I make my penis bigger?” “Do I need a penis implant?” “Is penis enlargement painful?” “Does penis enlargement last?” “Does penis enlargement hurt?” “How much bigger can my penis get?”
Men fly to her office for penis enlargement from all over the US and the world. Dr. Bawa also treat ED (Erectile Dysfunction) so that her patients not only have a big penis that looks like one you would expect on a porn star, they have one that works like a porn star penis too! But how does she do this?
Listen to this episode titled “How To Get A Porn Star Penis” in which Dr. Sex Fairy discusses all this and more with her patient Donald who now has a huge penis and cannot wipe the smile off his face.

The State of the Date

In this episode Dr. Sex Fairy is joined by the podfather himself, Brian Howie. Brian’s podcast “The Great Love Debate” is the number one dating and relationship podcast in the world.
Is it OK to have sex on a first date? Are online dating apps like Bumble, Tinder and Match leading to a more casual attitude towards sex and dating? How much difference does it really make if you voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Has the Me Too Movement made dating harder? Have gender roles become too blurred for our own good? Would you go to a sex shop on a first date and buy sex toys and lubricant? Join Dr. Sex Fairy and Brian Howie for a spirited discussion about the state of dating in our world.

The Second Coming: Bringing Back Sex & Passion

Couples have lower libido and less passion. Moreover, Erectile Dysfunction is a major issue for men young and old. Are Viagra and Cialis the best treatment for harder erections that last longer? What is Shockwave or Acoustic Wave Therapy? What is a P-Shot?
Vaginas take a hit with age as well. Vaginal dryness makes sex painful and vaginal laxity (a loose vaginal canal) leads to less pleasure for both partners. What are the options for true vaginal rejuvenation? What is an O-Shot? How can both partners have intense orgasms?
Hear Jim and Cindy’s story to learn how a loving couple brought passion and sex to the forefront of their relationship.

Episodes 0-2

The Vagina Wars

CO2 or radiofrequency? Vaginal laser rejuvenation is the best way to regain the vagina of your youth but which kind should a girl do? Women need to fix vaginal laxity and dryness, incontinence and more. And we all want better sex! Tune in to hear the ladies from the “Crazy, Rich Neighbors” podcast join me to talk about how I take women back decades in time!

Let’s Talk About Sex

We all do it, but only some of us make it delicious…and I am here to spice up your life. Listen to this episode to learn how I went from running down the halls of the Emergency Room at the Cleveland Clinic to bringing people from all over the world a level of sexual wellness and performance that they did not think possible. From vaginal rejuvenation to erectile dysfunction treatments to penis enlargement, I do it all, and then some. Join me as we kick off this journey of pleasure, growth, wellness and performance.

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