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Rejuvenation expert Dr. Kanwal Bawa is remarkably skilled in administering industry-leading skin treatments. She is dedicated to providing her patients with treatments that truly work and achieve rejuvenation from the inside out. 

Dr. Bawa specifically chose Profound® from Candela™ because of its proven and consistent ability to achieve superior and lasting results by activating the production of your skin’s three fundamentals. Are you ready to enjoy a beautiful skin transformation?

Learn more about Profound® microneedling with radiofrequency in Boca Raton, FL, by calling (561) 453-2020 or contacting Bawa Medical online. Our practice is located in Boca Raton and proudly serves patients visiting from Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Miami, and other areas of South Florida. 

What is Profound® Microneedling with Radiofrequency?

Profound® is a non-surgical technology that treats and improves the appearance of cellulite, facial wrinkles, and other skin concerns. Combining radiofrequency (RF) energy with ultrafine needles (microneedles), Profound® rejuvenates your skin from the inside out. Our team loves microneedling with RF because of its clinically proven ability to produce exceptional results that last.

How Does Profound® RF Microneedling Work?

Profound® treatments naturally stimulate your body to produce elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, the three fundamentals that contribute to smooth, firm, hydrated, and youthful-looking skin. The activation of these substances restores the skin and builds new, healthy tissue. Profound® is clinically proven to stimulate your body’s own wound-healing response to reduce the signs of aging without the use of surgery or chemicals.

Before & After Photos

Dr. Kanwal Bawa believes in changing her patients’ lives by providing truly individualized care. Offering state-of-the-art treatments and technologies paired with genuine expertise, Dr. Bawa will work with you to help you look and feel your best. Visit our photo gallery to see some of our amazing before and after results.

What are the Benefits of Profound® RF Microneedling?

As a revolutionary skin treatment, Profound® can provide a number of incredible benefits. Some of the most celebrated advantages of Profound® include: 

  • Clinically proven to activate the three skin fundamentals—5x more elastin, 2x more collagen, and increased hyaluronic acid
  • Single non-surgical treatment can achieve enduring results 
  • The only temperature-controlled RF microneedling device
  • First and only FDA-approved RF microneedling device for the body and face
  • 94% response rate for improvement in the appearance of cellulite
  • 100% response rate for facial wrinkles 
  • Decreases the appearance of cellulite severity after a single treatment
  • Proven in 8 comprehensive clinical studies
  • Effective and safe for all skin types
  • Delivers a more natural approach to skin rejuvenation

Your Consultation for Profound® RF Microneedling in Boca Raton

Before your treatment, you will meet Dr. Bawa in a one-on-one consultation. You and Dr. Bawa will have a friendly discussion in which she will listen to your concerns and goals. Then, you will review treatment options that Dr. Bawa knows will be the most beneficial for you. Depending on the patient, she may recommend other skin rejuvenation treatments such as laser treatments, Vampire™ treatments, dermal fillers, etc. If Dr. Bawa determines that Profound® is your leading option, she will develop a customized treatment plan designed to specifically treat your areas of concern.

What Should I Expect with a Profound® Treatment?

On the day of your treatment, Dr. Bawa will likely apply a local anesthetic to help you manage comfort. She will then administer the treatment using the Profound® system’s specially designed handpiece, which delivers precise energy pulses beneath the skin through microscopic punctures created with ultrafine microneedles. The procedure can be conducted quickly, and many patients choose to have it done during a lunch break. You and Dr. Bawa will discuss your individual care plan and recovery during your initial consultation.

Enjoy Smoother Skin with Profound® RF Microneedling

At Bawa Medical, we are proud to offer the foremost treatments in terms of effectiveness, convenience, advanced technology, and patient satisfaction. If you would like to discover how Profound® RF Microneedling can positively enrich your life, you are invited to contact Bawa Medical online or call (561) 453-2020 to reserve your one-on-one consultation with renowned rejuvenation expert Dr. Bawa today.

Meet Dr. Kanwal Bawa

Dr. Kanwal Bawa believes in changing her patients’ lives by providing truly individualized care. Offering state-of-the-art treatments and technologies paired with genuine expertise, Dr. Bawa will work with you to help you look and feel your best. If you are ready to experience rejuvenation from the inside out, your next step is to meet with Dr. Bawa and the Bawa Medical team today.