Bawa Medical strives to make our Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale treatments affordable to put the means to look and feel your best within your reach. During your first appointment, we will work with you to create a truly individualized treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals with financing available through CareCredit® for your convenience.

What Financing Is Available?

At Bawa Medical, we recognize that paying for a cosmetic procedure can be challenging when the cost isn’t covered by insurance. To make it easier to afford your personalized treatment plan, we accept financing through CareCredit®, one of the leading healthcare credit card solutions. With CareCredit®, qualified borrowers can pay for healthcare treatments and cosmetic procedures with affordable monthly payments.

If you are approved for CareCredit®, you will receive a credit limit, much like a regular credit card. Your account can be used at any healthcare provider that accepts CareCredit®. There is currently a network of 300,000 providers in the U.S. Your balance can be paid with affordable monthly payments, or you can pay off your existing balance at any time.

You can apply for CareCredit® directly through the company or their website or you may apply in person at Bawa Medical.

How Do I Use CareCredit® for My Treatment in Boca Raton?

CareCredit® financing works just like a credit card. When approved, you will receive an approved credit limit that can be used at any healthcare provider in the United States that accepts CareCredit®, such as Bawa Medical. Your CareCredit® account can be used to pay for one or many treatments during the same visit or over a period of months. You can pay for a portion or all of your treatment with your CareCredit® account up to your limit.

Because CareCredit® works like a revolving credit line, you can pay down your balance over time and use the account to fund additional treatments later. In some cases, you can qualify for promotional financing options to avoid interest charges completely.

How Do I Apply for Financing for My Treatment?

To apply for CareCredit® financing, submit an application online or over the phone through CareCredit®, or visit us at Bawa Medical to apply. You will know if you are approved within a few minutes. If approved, you can begin using your credit account right away to pay for your treatment.

What Does CareCredit® Financing Cost?

CareCredit® has absolutely no prepayment penalties, fees, or upfront costs. It works just like a credit card with an APR that depends on your creditworthiness. Sometimes, special promotions are available, such as reduced APR financing or deferred interest that can help you avoid any interest charges if your balance is paid within the promotional period.

Bawa Medical takes pride in offering affordable, convenient financing solutions for our patients in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. We offer CareCredit® to make it easy for you to start your tailored treatment plan today with the convenience of affordable monthly payments and financing offers. Call us today to learn more about CareCredit® or apply for financing for your next treatment.