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5 Ways to Biohack Your SexSpan

We hear a lot about longevity nowadays. People are trying to research the behaviors and treatments that can prolong our lifespan. There is talk about the concept of prolonging lifespan and healthspan, but what about SexSpan? Dr. Kanwal Bawa, Boca Raton, Florida based sexual medicine expert and host of America’s number one sexuality podcast Dr. Sex Fairy, has coined the term SexSpan to discuss the idea of people enjoying better intimate health, and more fulfilling sex no matter their age.

Dr. Bawa’s concept of SexSpan includes strategies for vibrant sexual health and satisfaction in our lives. Just as we prioritize lifespan and healthspan, it is crucial to biohack our sexual well-being for a fulfilling existence. Discover the secrets to a fulfilling life by prolonging and optimizing your SexSpan –  intimate wellness, sexual health, performance and satisfaction. In this blog, we delve into Dr. Bawa’s powerful biohacking strategies to enhance your SexSpan and elevate your overall well-being.


Here are 5 tips to turbocharge your SexSpan:


1. Cultivate a Positive Mindset:

Do not underestimate the effect of your thoughts on your physical function. As Dr. Bawa says, what you believe you become. To have the best sex of your life, you must first believe that it is possible, and that you deserve it. You must also be grateful for the life and function you do have. Research has shown that people practicing an attitude of gratitude not only feel better about themselves, their thoughts literally change the activity of their brain.


2. Rethink Your Diet, Activity Level and Sleep Hygiene

Discover the importance of nutrition, exercise and good sleep in supporting sexual health. Do not get caught up in fad diets. Find a healthy diet that you can maintain long term. Incorporate exercise into daily life. You do not have to go to the gym for 2 hours a day to reap the benefits of exercise. Men exercising 150 or more minutes a week have up to a 60% lower likelihood of developing Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Better sleep will help both men and women have higher libido, better performance and higher fertility. Did you know that most of your Testosterone is released while you are asleep? To learn more about the connection between sleep and sex, and tips on how to get better sleep, listen to Episode 114 of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast titled “Sleeping Your Way to Better Sex” by clicking here.


3. Supplement Wisely:

Dr. Sex Fairy Supplements are proudly made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, and play a key role in optimizing sexual health and pleasure. They include nitric oxide booster Enhance, testosterone booster Renew and libido-enhancing supplement Passion. To learn about how Testosterone is critical for both men and women, the age at which Testosterone levels tend to start dropping, how nitric oxide helps increase blood flow to your penis or vagina and improves performance and longevity, and how to increase your desire for sex, and more, listen to Episode 96 of the Dr. Sex Fairy Podcast “Dr. Sex Fairy Supplements: The Secret Ingredient for Better Sex’ by clicking here.


4. Harness the Power of Cutting-Edge Treatments:

Dr. Bawa stresses the importance of preserving function as part of biohacking your SexSpan. That said, you may already be experiencing several problems. At Bawa Medical, our sexual wellness treatments range from the BawaShot to BawaWave shockwave therapy to BawaRF radiofrequency to CO2 laser treatments to extensive pelvic floor strengthening treatments and more, Dr. Kanwal Bawa has curated state-of-the-art protocols and therapies that offer incredible solutions for enhancing sexual and intimate wellness, performance and enjoyment for both men and women. Not only have Dr. Bawa’s men’s health treatments changed the lives of men from all over the world, she is also an expert in vaginal rejuvenation treatments including but not limited to improving genital appearance and health with her BawaLift protocol for non-surgical labiaplasty and other treatments.

Learn how these treatments can improve blood flow, stimulate tissue regeneration, and enhance sexual satisfaction for both your partner and you.


5. Explore Biologics:

Discover the potential of biologics like platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) and exosomes in sexual preservation and rejuvenation. These therapies harness the body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote tissue regeneration and enhance sexual function.

Investing in your sexual health is essential for a fulfilling and satisfying life. By implementing these biohacking strategies, you can optimize your SexSpan and enjoy a vibrant and pleasurable existence both now and later in life. Contact us today to develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs and goals. Call us at 561-453-2020, or fill out our contact form online so that we can reach out to you.

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