Hello All! Let us talk about another silent but deadly pandemic. Lack of sleep is killing us all. Sleep affects just about everything in our lives. Lack of it changes things on a molecular level. We don’t just feel tried and sluggish, poor and inadequate sleep literally kills us. It’s scary but true. I specialize in skin, hair and intimate rejuvenation, as well as strongly anti-aging skincare. I often tell my patients that sleep is just as important to achieve their anti-aging goals as anything I do in the office. Even my Bawa Medical skincare that they use at home, profoundly anti-aging as it is, will work far better if they are getting good sleep.

Rejuvenation does not, and simply cannot, exist in isolation. Sleep is a vast topic and we will address sleep and its impact on all parts of our life as part of our Saturday series but today we will hone in on a topic I know you want to talk about. So, let us talk about sleep and how it affects your sex life.

Now that I really have your attention, let us talk testicles and erections. OK Gentlemen, now you’re really listening. Did you know that men who sleep less than 5 hours a night have smaller testicles than men who sleep 7 or more hours a night? The University of Southern Denmark conducted this study on 953 healthy, young Danish men, and made another startling discovery. These young and otherwise healthy men also had a 25% drop in sperm count, and the sperm they did have had a poorer quality, with a higher number of deformed sperm. Think about this for a minute. Men who sleep 4 to 5 hours a night have the testosterone levels of men 10 years older. The scary part is that these lower testosterone levels can be seen after a single week of poor sleep. That is how much poor sleep ages you, and that it happens so quickly is truly unnerving. Men have an easier time getting erections in the morning because that’s what sleep does. The parasympathetic nervous system takes over while you sleep, especially during good sleep.

Ladies, let us talk about your issues when it comes to sleep. Things go haywire with us as well with lack of sleep. The multiple hormones responsible for female reproductive health are affected by sleep. We develop menstrual irregularities, painful periods, far more difficulty achieving orgasm, as well as a harder time getting pregnant and staying pregnant. We also have more premature births and lower birth weight babies. In fact, women who have sleep disorders or even sleep apnea (poor quality of sleep), have a three times higher chance of experiencing infertility than women who sleep well. Women undergoing IVF who get at least 7 hours of sleep have a higher chance of getting pregnant. Sleep is truly critical to health.

I treat sexual dysfunction at Bawa Medical. I am certified in the P-shot (Priapus Shot) for men, and the O-shot (Orgasm shot) and Vampire Wing Lift (labial rejuvenation) for women. I also do incredible vaginal laser rejuvenation. I am forced to add a caveat here. My patients and I are a team. We have the same goals. And like a team, we have to do our part to win the game.  I can do one heck of a P-Shot, O-Shot or Vampire Wing Lift on you. I can do one heck of a vaginal laser treatment on you. I can make you have better sex, stop having urinary incontinence (Hallelujah Ladies!) and reclaim the old you. However, I simply cannot do it alone. Nothing I do will work as well if you aren’t getting sleep. The P-shot, O-Shot and vaginal laser rejuvenation do increase sexual satisfaction and function, and help you get past urinary incontinence but if you are sleep-deprived, your body simply cannot benefit fully from the growth factors, stem cells and energy treatments.

So, that brings us to your next question. “But Dr. Bawa, how am I supposed to get better sleep?!!” you exclaim in exasperation. And you are right when you feel exasperated. It is easy for me to say and not always easy for you to achieve. Well, not overnight anyway (pun unintended). You can, however, start making small changes immediately that will have a huge collective impact over time. I will be happy to email you a list of The Top 10 Things You Can Do To Start Getting Better Sleep Today. This guide will truly save your life by allowing you to sleep well, and make your quality of life better as well. You can email me at info@bawamedical.com and I will be happy to email you the guide.

We live in a beautiful world, and what truly makes it worth it is our relationships. Good sleep ensures better mental and physical health for you, better relationships with others, and a long, happy and healthy life. I will do my part to improve your quality of life but you have to do yours! Together we can give you the life you deserve. Thank you for stopping by this week. Till we meet again.