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What is HydraFacial®?

It was a hot summer afternoon in Verona. Italy.  I was traipsing down an alley with my sons when we descended upon yet another gelateria.  I picked melon gelato, or gelato di melone as it’s called in Italian (sounds so much fancier). As we walked away from the gelateria, I took a bite of the… Read More

What is an O-Shot®?

I want you to close your eyes for a second and picture Meg Ryan in that famous diner scene from When Harry Met Sally.  She faked an epic orgasm that made cinematic history.  This is, unfortunately, a scene that is repeated in many bedrooms around the world. Up to 90% of all women fake orgasms.  Statistically, women find… Read More

What Is A Vampire Facial®?

It was 2013 when reality TV star Kim Kardashian released a picture of herself covered in blood getting a facial.  It created quite a furor.  No one had seen anything like this before. Seven years later, people are still unclear as to what a vampire facial® really is. What is a vampire facial®?! And what really does a vampire… Read More

Premature Aging

The question that I am asked most often by patients and friends alike is what my own injectable regimen is.  When I tell people that I have never injected my face with a filler or toxin, they are convinced that I am lying to them.  The few that do believe me are suddenly very curious about how… Read More

Conscious Mothering

It was on a flight from Cleveland, Ohio to Las Vegas when my twin sons were still babies that I had one of my first realizations of how people perceive so-called successful working mothers. I was traveling to a medical conference, and was accompanied by my nanny. Despite my best efforts, one of my sons… Read More

Dr. Kanwal Bawa, MD

Meet Dr. Bawa the Rejuvenation Queen

Dubbed the Rejuvenation Queen, Dr. Bawa is the cream of the crop when it comes to medicine.  Her practice in Boca Raton offers more than just skin care – it offers a plethora of services to make you feel great from the outside in. Meet Dr. Bawa To speak with someone that is so passionate about… Read More

Stress is Killing Us

It was a glorious morning in Venice. I was running through the streets picking up a couple of things while my mother and twin sons got ready to leave. We were headed to Assisi that day. I came across Roberto, the street artist I had bought some paintings from during that trip. He insisted that… Read More

Sleep and Your Sex Life

Hello All! Let us talk about another silent but deadly pandemic. Lack of sleep is killing us all. Sleep affects just about everything in our lives. Lack of it changes things on a molecular level. We don’t just feel tried and sluggish, poor and inadequate sleep literally kills us. It’s scary but true. I specialize… Read More

Hair Loss: A Silent Epidemic

HAIR LOSS: A SILENT EPIDEMIC Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. I want to talk about the very real problem of hair loss. This is a silentepidemic, not just in Boca Raton but worldwide. ** 2/3 American men have visible hair loss by the age of 35. ** 25% of male pattern baldness starts before the age… Read More